With all sadness.. Dr. Jibril Ibrahim mourns the late director of his office, Al-Taher Makin – Kush News

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Al-Tahir had no preference for sexual intercourse.. for virtues that are rarely available in a person. Al-Tahir is a mighty energy and a flame of activity that knows no fatigue, and he does not groan from the weight and ramifications of the loads that are on him. You see Hasha Pasha in all his conditions. Too patient. He is brave in the truth, even if he is against himself, and he is not afraid of the blame of the blamer in the truth. Clear in his opinion does not know equivocation. Fares when he protects the fight. A bold man who does not know hesitation. Discreet does not reveal his secret or himself. Keen to record despite his steel memory. Amin does not extend his hand to other than his money. A chaste soul does not ask people urgently, even when the need is urgent. Jawad always asks for more people. Nabih Lamah is aware of what is required without disclosure. Great aspiration is not occupied by small things and does not hold grudges for anyone. Little talk, a lot of work, fast completion. He is the first to come to mind when someone is needed to tackle a difficult task. You find it in front of you whenever you need it and it accomplishes the task in a timely manner with amazing efficiency. Al-Taher Halal is a contract that people are familiar with from the first sight. Al-Tahir was really a name for himself.

I never thought that I would suffer and grieve over the separation of anyone like I grieve over the separation of my brother, friend, advisor, and physician, Dr. Khalil, may God accept him as a martyr with Him, but the death of Al-Taher brought me back to the same station of separation from Hebron and its pains. Al-Tahir left me without an appointment, and left a void in the soul, in work, and in everything that was difficult to fill.

Al-Taher was a secret secretary in the ministry in the movement. He imposed himself with his fast pace and dedication to work. He was the link between me and all the officials in the state and the political forces, and he was the link between me and the leaders of the political movement and the forces of the movement in its various locations. Al-Taher was my messenger to the men of the Sufi orders, the civil administration, and all actors in society. Maintains a wide network of relationships and contacts. Al-Tahir, my traveling companion, arranged everything carefully and ensured the safety and comfort. I have many people like Al-Taher in terms of blood relations, but what increases my grief over my parting with him is that Al-Taher was more than a son, a friend and a subordinate.

The parting of the pure is truly painful, but I only say what pleases the Creator, who has restored his trust in specific times and in a way that alone knows its secret.

Oh God, fulfill your servant, the son of your servant, and the pure son of your maidservant. Oh God, purify him and purify him from sins and transgressions, as the white dress is purified from filth. Oh God, by your grace, goodness, and generosity, multiply his good deeds, and overlook his bad deeds, for you are the Generous, the Generous, the Forgiving, the Merciful. Oh God, replace him with a better home than his home, and a better family than his family, and honor and benefit him, and forget his longing, and expand his resting place, and make the highest paradise his abode and his resting place.

O God, give the best condolences to his mother, his brothers, his wife, his children, his extended family, his companions, his friends, and his acquaintances. Oh God, I am in pain for the parting of the Immaculate, the extent of which no one knows except You, and I do not complain of my grief except to You. Oh God, reward me for my calamity and replace it with something better.
To the gardens of eternity with the pure, O pure..

Jibril Ibrahim – July 25, 2023


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