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Chef Burak topped the Google search index and all social media platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, after his recent crisis with his father Ismail, and his seizure of all his property.
Energy science and property Burak

Maha Al-Attar, an expert in energy science, raised the controversy, with a post on her personal account on the social networking site Facebook, that the real reason behind Chef Burak’s loss of all his property is due to energy science.

Al-Attar said that last July 15, the Turkish chef Burak celebrated all the restaurants he owns with a picture on one cake, then it was cut, torn, eaten and divided into the cake. She pointed out that as a result of cutting the image of the restaurants on the cake, he lost all his property on July 22 as a result of a plot by his father.

The actual crisis began between Chef Burak and his father Ismail last February, specifically with the crisis of the famous Turkey earthquake, through which he provided great charitable assistance, but his father strongly objected, and the result was the severance of the relationship between the father and his son Burak. Immediately after the relationship between Turkish chef Burak and his father broke off, he was surprised that his trade name was used by a foreign businessman to open a restaurant and that he knew nothing about it, saying, “This is a fake place.”

Chef Burak broke his silence while showing signs of heartbreak and sadness, in a video that garnered millions of views on his personal page, that he filed a lawsuit against his father on charges of fraud and exploitation of his trade name without his knowledge for the benefit of others.

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