Gedaref doctors coming from Khartoum confirm their cooperation and the state’s Ministry of Health – Kush News

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A number of doctors and medical personnel who came to Gedaref state expressed their willingness to cooperate and coordinate with the Ministry of Health and Social Development and put their professional expertise to develop health work in the state. Through this, the Director General of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, Mr. Abdel Nasser Hassan Ali, held a meeting in his office this morning with a delegation of representatives of expatriate doctors headed by Dr. Al-Mamoon Muhammad Al-Khair Al-Saeed, in the presence of the representative of the World Health Organization, Mr. Ahmed Adam, and the director of the relevant departments in the Ministry.

During the meeting, the integrated plan was discussed by which expatriate cadres can contribute to promoting health work and filling gaps in its various aspects. The representative of the expatriate doctors indicated that their idea is based on helping to provide medical services and ensuring that services are not affected with the presence of large numbers of expatriates in the state, and fighting diseases, as well as helping to develop the local health system.

For his part, the Director General welcomed the incoming doctors and medical cadres to Gedaref State, calling for close coordination with the relevant authorities to benefit from the cadres that came.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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