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Citizens in some neighborhoods of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, refused the food aid distributed to them by the Rapid Support Forces.

And the pages supporting the Rapid Support Forces on social networks had published scenes of the distribution of food supplies, including sugar, flour and other foodstuffs, to some neighborhoods of the capital in eastern Nile and Omdurman, amid a gathering of citizens and testimonies from support leaders in the region and citizens thanking them for this gesture.

Citizens said, according to the monitoring of the “Kush News” editor on electronic groups, that this aid is yours and belongs to us, and it was stolen from the stores of companies and merchants, and if its purpose is to divert the allegiance of the Sudanese people to support the rapid support at the expense of the “Sudanese army”, then this will not happen. Another citizen said that those who appear in the scenes giving these testimonies from the residents of the neighborhoods had given them while they were under pressure and the threat of the “support.”
A woman said, “Not if they distributed sugar and flour to us, if they ate us in our mouths, we would not want any of them, and one army is one people.”

After passing the 100 days of war, citizens still hope for the return of security and peace to their beautiful capital, Khartoum, “the meeting place of the two Niles.”

Khartoum – “Kush News”


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