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Today, the Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Culture and Information in the Northern State, Ms. Taqwa Badawi Ahmed Hussein, accompanied by the Director of the General Department of Information and Public Relations in the Council, Mr. Khaled Muhammad Nour Abdullah, visited the buildings of the Radio and Television Corporation in the Northern State

During the visit, she met with the General Director of the Authority, Mr. Naji Farouk, in the presence of the Deputy Director General of the Radio and Television Authority, Mr. Muhammad Al-Hassan Suleiman, and examined the workflow and performance of the Authority and the aspects of cooperation and coordination between the Supreme Council for Culture and Information and the Radio and Television Authority in order to improve media work in the North.

According to SUNA, Taqwi stressed the role of the media in supporting the armed forces and reflecting the efforts of the state government and the various committees that were formed to secure strategic commodities and petroleum materials, and to provide humanitarian aid to those who came from Khartoum state to the northern state due to the security conditions the country is going through, in various shelters.

She pointed out that during the meeting, it was agreed to provide the Radio and Television Corporation with a number of cadres of the Council to work in the Commission within the framework of improving and promoting work and media performance, exchanging experiences and transferring experiences between employees.

She added that the meeting was fruitful and produced a number of good results that would advance media and cultural work in the Northern State.

She said that the Supreme Council for Culture and Information has started making the necessary arrangements to establish the second cultural program for the stranded and the armed forces in Wadi Halfa in the coming days, after the media committee of the Supreme Committee for Mobilization and Support of the Armed Forces implemented during the last period the first cultural program for those coming to the state because of the war and members of the armed forces in the Dongola Model Square. Which included many cultural paragraphs and found praise, appreciation and response from everyone.

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