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Professor Shaa El-Din Hamza Al-Hussein, Director General of the Ministry of Health and Social Development in Kassala State, revealed on behalf of the state that it had received (5592) solutions for dialysis for kidney patients, in addition to the full moon that accompanies the dialysis.

And he said at the salary meeting of the state’s Higher Committee for Health Emergencies, headed by Acting Secretary-General of the Government, Professor Adel Alloub, that the quantity received is sufficient for a month and was distributed equally between the kidney centers in Kassala and New Halfa localities.

Shaa El-Din explained that other medical supplies are available in sufficient quantities and there are no problems with them, for example blood and heparin bags.

He added that children’s vaccinations were also received, which are sufficient for a period of three months, indicating at the same time the shortage of meningococcal vaccines, which are sufficient until the first week of June.

Shaa Al-Din attributed the shortage to the situation in the center, expressing his wishes to address the issue. He noted that the specialists who came to the state as a result of the known circumstances have been counted, and their expertise and specializations will be utilized in the state’s hospitals and specialized centers.

According to the SUNA Agency, Shaa Al-Din affirmed that the state is free of any epidemic or strange diseases, and that the health conditions in the state are stable.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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