Kassala: coordination with the Humanitarian Aid Commissioner to provide aids for families coming from Khartoum – Kush News

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The Higher Committee for Emergency in Kassala State held a meeting chaired by the Secretary-General of the Government in charge of the Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Adel Othman Alloub, during which it examined the overall situation in the state and the various issues of concern to the people of the state.

Mr. Maher Al-Hussein, the official spokesman for the committee, said that the committee discussed at length the deterioration of water services in the state in general and Kassala locality in particular, which was affected by the power outage for long periods, in addition to the existence of some logistical issues that were directed to be addressed.

Maher explained that stocks of petroleum materials are available in large quantities at the stations, in addition to the imports to the state in sufficient quantities, as well as attempts to provide quantities of cooking gas.

He stressed that the stock of the flour commodity is available with the continuation of the commodity flows from the states of the Red Sea and Atbara, in addition to the local production.

He revealed the increase in the number of refugees arriving in the state from Khartoum at the level of Camps 26 and Al Shajrab, indicating that there are directives issued by the committee regarding dealing with the conditions of foreign presence in the state.

For his part, Mr. Hussein Mohamed Ahmed, a member of the Humanitarian Affairs Committee emanating from the Supreme Emergency Committee, presented a report on the performance of the committee with regard to the process of enumeration and registration of arrivals from Khartoum state, indicating that 4272 families have been registered in a number of localities and that the enumeration operations are ongoing despite the expansion of the geographical area of ​​the state’s localities. .

According to SUNA, he said that the committee will submit its penultimate report to the Supreme Committee at its meeting next Sunday, explaining that there is communication with the Commissioner-General for Humanitarian Aid in Sudan regarding the provision of aids to the families who came to the state.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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