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Dr. Fakhr El-Din Ali Yassin, Director of the Health Insurance Fund, Al-Jazira State Branch, this morning, reviewed the flow of medical and laboratory services at the direct facility in Al-Hasahisa locality, appreciating the efforts exerted by the working cadres and the partnership with the Medical Supply Fund to provide drug service. He directed the simplification of referral procedures and the provision of laboratory and personal services.

According to SUNA, Dr. Abeer Adlan, Director of the Executive Unit of Health Insurance in Al-Hasahisa, announced that 6,746 patients benefited from health insurance services during the month of April, and 105 patients from Khartoum State received the service through the nationality of the card. The card includes 133 cases, including 76 patients from Khartoum state.

It drew attention to providing specialist services in internal diseases, children, gynecology and obstetrics, in addition to diagnostic radiology services, sound waves, and laboratory services, most notably general blood examination, cumulative sugar, hormone tests, vitamin D, examination of liver and kidney functions, fats and sustenance, in addition to virus examination, routine examinations, examination of species, homogeneity, stomach germs, and fluidity.

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