Discussing the situation of water and electricity supply in Dongola locality – Kush News

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The meeting of the Dongola local security committee today, chaired by the executive director of the locality, the chairman of the committee, Mr. Awad al-Karim Rabie, discussed the situation of the electric and water supply in the locality, the financial problems and the complaints of citizens.

According to SUNA, after deliberation, the meeting came out with a number of directives, represented in the need to enlighten citizens not to make any direct connections from electricity poles except with the knowledge of the Electricity Department, for their safety and to protect transformers from damage, and to open complaints against individuals who make connections without permission from the Electricity Department, and to take legal measures Through the Electricity Department, the security authorities must monitor and follow up the individuals who make these connections and take legal action against them.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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