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Dr confirmed. Adam Ali Fazaa, Director General of the Ministry of Health and Social Development in the state of Sennar, the minister in charge of managing the burdens of the ministry.

According to SUNA, Dr. Adam explained that the examination will begin next Sunday, corresponding to May 28, at all examination centers, indicating that there is full arrangement and coordination with the Hajj and Umrah Commission in the state of Sennar.

For her part, Dr. confirmed. Mazahir Ali Mustafa Abu Haj, Director of Therapeutic Medicine, said that the medical examination procedures for the pilgrims of the state of Sennar will take place in three centers, the first of which is in Sinja in the Hajj and Umrah hall, for pilgrims from the localities of Sinja, Abu Hajar, Al-Dali and Al-Mazmoum, a center in Sennar for pilgrims from the localities of Sennar and eastern Sennar, and a center in Al-Dandar for pilgrims from Al-Dandar and Al-Suki localities.

She added that all arrangements have been completed for the beginning of the medical examination of the pilgrims next Sunday, and she said that the number of pilgrims to whom the medical examination is to be conducted ranges from 770 to 800 pilgrims.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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