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According to Al-Jazeera Net, a state of cautious calm prevails today, Thursday, on the front lines between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces in the capital, Khartoum, on the third day of the armistice signed between the two parties, while Washington confirmed that it is closely monitoring the situation in Sudan and will discuss with the parties any violations that occur.

The ceasefire, monitored by Saudi Arabia and the United States as well as both sides of the clashes, was reached after five weeks of fighting in Khartoum and violence in other parts of Sudan, including the western Darfur region.

Al-Jazeera Net correspondents monitored the flight of warplanes in the skies of both the capital, Khartoum, and the city of Khartoum North, with the launch of ground anti-aircraft missiles from some locations of the Rapid Support Forces, south of Khartoum.

On Wednesday, Khartoum and Omdurman witnessed clashes between the two parties to the conflict in a number of locations.

For its part, the Sudanese army accused the Rapid Support Forces of violating the declared armistice, saying that it had informed the sponsors of the agreement, but what it described as the rebel militia – referring to the Rapid Support Forces – did not respond to any of the armistice demands.

The army affirmed its commitment to maintaining the humanitarian truce without forfeiting its right to defend oneself and the state, he said.

Yesterday, Wednesday, a member of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Yasser Al-Atta, accused the Rapid Support Forces of looting currency printing presses in Khartoum, and seizing the state’s stock of national currency and the Bank of Sudan’s reserves of gold.

On the other hand, the RSF accused the army of violating the humanitarian truce and bombing the positions of the RSF in several axes.

The Rapid Support Forces said that they are committed to the declared humanitarian truce, in appreciation of the humanitarian situation.

It called on those it described as putschists – in reference to the army – to abide by the humanitarian truce and respect the ceasefire agreement.

For its part, the Sudan Doctors Syndicate announced today, Thursday, that the death toll among civilians has risen to 865, as a result of the clashes between the army and the Rapid Support Forces since mid-April.

The syndicate reported that there are a large number of injuries and deaths that are not included in the enumeration, because it is unable to reach hospitals due to the difficulty of movement in light of the current security situation.

American surveillance
In Washington, the regional spokesman for the US State Department, Samuel Warburg, confirmed that his country is closely monitoring the situation in Sudan and will discuss with the parties any violations that occur.

Warburg added – in an interview with Al-Jazeera – that the United States has the ability to monitor the ceasefire in Sudan via satellite.

Warburg also made it clear that Washington is adopting a step-by-step approach to the crisis in Sudan, and that the priority now is to implement the armistice and then extend it.

For his part, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that Washington’s assessment of developments in Sudan indicates that the ceasefire is still largely holding, with some clashes.

Kirby added that he is working closely with Saudi Arabia to facilitate differences, and with the international community on the best ways to monitor the ceasefire.

Chadian support
Politically, Dafallah Al-Hajj, Undersecretary of the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and envoy of the President of the Sovereignty Council, praised the cooperation of Chadian President Mohamed Idriss Deby with Sudan.

He stressed that he gave Deby an explanation about the latest developments in Sudan, and thanked him for his “wise decision to close the Sudanese-Chadian border in front of the negative forces that harm the security and stability of the two countries.”

Daffallah Al-Hajj said – in a statement to Al-Jazeera after meeting the Chadian president – that Deby stressed the need for the two sides of the confrontations in Sudan to respect the armistice.

In turn, the Chadian President affirmed his country’s full readiness to provide everything necessary to restore security and stability in Sudan.

Deby expressed his country’s regret over the current events in Sudan, stressing his country’s “absolute” solidarity with him.

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