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A number of vegetable merchants in the city of Madani, who were surveyed by the Sudan News Agency today, postponed the stability of prices despite the war in Khartoum, saying that all imports come from within the state of Gezira, and they ruled out an increase in prices with the coming days.

Al-Tayeb Al-Mamoun (a vegetable trader) explained that the sale is according to the customer’s financial capabilities, pointing to the abundance of all kinds of vegetables, because the market comes from within the state, except for potatoes, which come from the northern state.

For his part, Qusai Muhammad (a vegetable trader) ruled out that the market was affected by the ongoing war and declared that the price of carrots and potatoes was 1,000 pounds apiece. Hassan Abdullah, the owner of a chicken refrigerator, pointed to the increase in purchasing power due to the state hosting large numbers of citizens of Khartoum State, and expected the continuation of the increase in prices. White meat He said that the price of an egg dish is 2,000 pounds, and a kilo of chicken is 1,200 pounds.

While Nizar Hassan (butcher) complained about poor purchasing power and liquidity, he said that the price of a kilo of lamb is 4,500 pounds, and a kilo of high-quality meat is 3,300 pounds, and a kilo of minced meat is 4,500 pounds, and he expected that prices would not increase.

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