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The Executive Director of Dongola Locality, Professor Awad Al-Karim Rabie, discussed the local meeting of the committee to count those who came from Khartoum state due to the security conditions in the country, in the presence of the Assistant Executive Director of Dongola Locality, Professor Mudassir Sharaf Al-Din, and the Director of the General Administration for Social Development at the Ministry of Health and Social Development, Professor Manal Makkawi Ibrahim and the Director of Health Affairs in the locality, Ms. Mawaheb Mahdi Nawar, and the representative of the Humanitarian Aid Commission in the locality, the meeting discussed how to count the arrivals to the northern state and coordinate efforts to deliver humanitarian aid and the necessary aids to the families who came to the state.

The Executive Director of the Dongola locality confirmed that the locality has prepared a form to count the arrivals who are present these days in the shelter centers in the city of Dongola, with the aim of providing health and nutritional services in coordination and cooperation with the relevant authorities.

According to SUNA, he indicated that, based on that, a decision will be issued to form a special committee for accommodation, which includes all the concerned authorities to count the arrivals and find out their needs.

For her part, the Director of the General Department for Social Development affirmed her administration’s interest and full cooperation with the specialized committees to count those who came to the state and facilitate the provision of support and assistance to them.

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