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Through the oversight work on markets, goods and services, which is carried out by the General Administration of Supply and Consumer Protection Investigations, the Consumer Protection Investigation Department was able to arrest the so-called (B.A) who buys expired flour (fodder) and repacks it with mobile phones belonging to companies known to the consumer and trusts their products.

Police Major General Ehab Hassan Saleh, Director of the General Department of Supply and Consumer Protection Investigations and a member of the National Committee for Consumer Affairs, revealed that the information was monitored and analyzed, and an arrest plan was drawn up, which was implemented while the accused was working on repacking, after issuing special parliamentary orders, as he was seized with (125) accurate mobile phones. It weighs (50) kilograms without a preamble or date, and a scale, empty phones weighing (25) kilograms, and a sewing machine were also seized and placed as exhibits in the communication that was recorded in its confrontation under Articles 31, specifications read with Article 82 of the Criminal Code.

Major General Saleh confirmed, according to the shout, the continuation of field work in cooperation with the relevant authorities of standards and standards, the prosecution and the competent ministries in aborting the acts of weak souls in commercial fraud, consumer exploitation and slowing down the national economy.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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