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Member of the Sovereignty Council, Lieutenant General Yasser Al-Atta, said that the country is going through a critical and complex transitional phase, but it is hoped that it will overcome it soon and produce a strong government that can form institutions capable of addressing outstanding issues.

Al-Atta stressed that the essence of military action in Sudan is based on protecting the citizen and preserving his dignity.

During his address, he appealed to the graduation ceremony of the complementary batch of the first batch of the Armed Struggle Movements forces of the Joint Security Forces concerned with the protection of civilians in Darfur, and the 55th batch of the Sixteenth Infantry Division at Nyala Stadium. Mohamed Nour to join the peace march in order to gather all the people of the country to build and rebuild it.

Regarding the implementation of the Sudan Peace Agreement signed in Juba, Al-Atta indicated that the implementation of the security arrangements and the return of the displaced and refugees will facilitate and accelerate the implementation of the rest of the agreement, calling on brotherly and friendly countries, donors, and regional and international organizations to support and support the implementation of the agreement.

A member of the Sovereignty Council described the conditions in the camps as not up to human standards, even in the Stone Age.

Regarding the ongoing political process in the country, he made it clear that the forces of the civil revolution and the forces that believe in democracy seek consensus to produce a strong government during the transitional period, that can effectively run state institutions to cross the country and achieve the goals of the glorious December revolution, the advancement of the national economy, the improvement of the people’s livelihood, and the end of it to free and fair elections, And that the armed forces will support the next government without heeding the disappointed voices.

Al-Atta revealed that the armed forces are determined to reform the military system to establish a unified national army that makes diversity strength and plurality pride, pointing out that the call for forming a single army is not hostility or spite towards anyone, but rather to open the way for building the rest of the state’s institutions in line with the goals of the December revolution. Glorious and good for the country.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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