More than (7) neighborhoods in southern Khartoum warn of a health and environmental disaster – Kush News

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Citizens of the Gaza neighborhood and a number of other neighborhoods adjacent to it in the south of Khartoum, which belong to the Al-Shajara Administrative Unit, submitted a protest note to the designated Wali of Khartoum, Ahmed Othman, and to the Director of the Administrative Unit of the Al-Shajara region, calling for immediate and urgent intervention to stop what they called the environmental and health catastrophe that neighborhood citizens are now exposed to ( Gaza, Durrat Al-Rumaila, Al-Hillah Al-Jadeeda, Al-Ruwad, Al-Bishara and Al-Aqsa scheme) as a result of thermal emissions, pollutants, gases and waste odors, due to the presence of a number of factories that melt iron and plastic with coal, which continued to occur with clouds of smoke and thick fog that covered the atmosphere in these affected neighborhoods and obscured them. natural atmosphere.

The Services Committee in the Gaza neighborhood said in a press enlightenment, according to Al-Tayyar newspaper, that it had submitted this protest note to the state authorities, the administrative unit, and to the Supreme Council for the Environment in Khartoum State, calling for an immediate resolution of this disaster, which is now threatening the lives of citizens. These neighborhoods have become one of the biggest security threats due to the intense activity of random housing and the abuse of alcohol and drugs

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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