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Dr . Muzammil Abu Al-Qasim
Drowning.. in drowning!!

* No one is under the illusion that our criticism of Brazilian Ricardo regarding the bad way he managed the last match for Mars means holding him fully responsible for leaving Mars for the CAF Champions League from the group stage.
* Al-Merikh had previously bid farewell to the CAF championships from the same stage many times, and left them under the command of Hassan Al-Masry, Horst, Chriso, Kruger, Al-Zalfani, Al-Badri, Mazda, Carboni, Clark, Nasr Al-Din Al-Nabi and other coaches, but rather failed to reach them before when he left the championship from its preliminary role several times.
* The same hadith applies to Al-Hilal, and we wrote before in this space a long time ago that the stage of the group stage in the continental championships represents the ceiling at which the adventures of Sudanese clubs in general and the two sides of the summit in particular end.
* The two masters usually do not find any difficulties in overcoming the preliminary and first round stages, because they face low-level opponents in them, and they often fight teams that are lower than them in the general return.
* As soon as they enter the drowning, in the stage of the round of sixteen, they drown and leave the competition through its big door, because they face clubs that surpass them in technical level, material and tactical capabilities, and even in the CAF classification.
* In the advanced stages of the continental championships, the Sudanese player’s fragility and tactical and technical weakness appear, so naive mistakes multiply, as happened from Hamza Daoud in the Al-Marikh and Al-Taraji match, and from Abdullah Abu Twenty and Athar Al-Taher in yesterday’s match between Al-Hilal and Sun Downs.
* On a personal level, I consider the continued appearance of the two teams in the group stage regularly as a positive thing that counts for them, in sympathy with the difficult circumstances that our country is going through in a state of economic and security collapse, political instability, and the weakness and poor organization of local championships.
* Excellence in a tournament at the level of the African Champions League needs many ingredients, our clubs do not have the minimum of them, as the football environment in our country is collapsed in all respects, and deteriorated enough to spread an atmosphere of frustration in the climate of the game.
* For Mars, the matter was more complicated, because it was striving to recover from a period of administrative wandering and total devastation that lasted for more than five years, so it burned crops and crops, and wiped out all the green and dry, and had it not been for the strength of the leader’s gloom and the firmness of his roots in this good land, he would have perished and become a trace after an eye.
* The total score of the red squad from the fourth group is not bad, because Al-Merreikh stood as a strong match for three of the strongest and most prestigious African teams, and we mean by them Esperance (the dominant of all titles in Tunisia), and the youth of Belouizdad (Saint-Germain Algeria), or the Algerian national team more precisely, Zamalek is the Egyptian league champion.
* The qualification of Esperance and Belouizdad for the fourth group is natural, expected and logical, and it did not surprise anyone, and Mars must build on the positives of the current participation for the next edition.
* The council should set a plan supervised by skilled technicians and distinguished scouts; It aims to reduce the average age of the team gradually and in a measured manner, because the majority of the stars of the current group are over thirty.
* The matter was made worse by Ricardo’s decision to include three foreigners over the age of thirty.
* The council should support the mechanism for the future of Mansour, to ensure the selection of distinguished foreign players, who enjoy young ages, who would constitute a strong addition to the team in the future tournaments, and contribute to financing the club by marketing them to European or Gulf clubs.
* He must deal with the recent results calmly, pending a future foreign participation in the Arab Championship, in which we hope that some of Ricardo’s grievances will find an opportunity to play to prove himself.
Latest facts
* If Al-Hilal coach Florent Abingi had been asked a hundred times about the reason for his decision to withdraw the Al-Hilal attacking front duo (Lilibo and Al-Gharbal) in the second session, he would not have found a satisfactory answer.
* The sieve scored a goal that he made for himself out of nowhere, so his morale rose and his self-confidence increased, and he was ready to return to the ball.
* As for Lilibo, he exhausted the Sun Downs defenders with his high speed and powerful runs, although he did not succeed in scoring.
* He took them out, so he relieved the Sun’s defense, and eliminated the danger of his team.
* His grace came to Athar Al-Taher by paying the penalty kick, wasting the opportunity for direct qualification and returning Al-Ahly Cairo to the arena of competition for the qualification card from the wide door.
* Settle with your hand!!
* Yesterday’s match revealed Florent and made it clear that he is not good at reading the field and is not good at switching.
* Al-Khandaqah catching players in the backcourt and relying on longitudinal balls to take advantage of the speed of one of the attackers is not enough to bring down a team with the capabilities of the South African Sun Downs!
* It seems that Cameroonian cotton points (the piggy bank of all groups) covered the weak capabilities of the Congolese coach!
* I advise the family not to accompany defender Mohamed Ahmed Arnq to the Al-Ahly match!
* Yesterday, the reckless defender embarrassed the Tunisian referee when he deserved to be sent off with two cards.. instead of twice!
* Arnq will not find a referee who covers up his grave mistakes in the Cairo match.
* The latest news: Athar and Hamza… the depth of the crisis!


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