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The Chairman of the Sovereignty Council and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, arrived at Al-Tawina in Al-Buhaira locality in Nahr Al-Nil state on Saturday, accompanied by the Northern Governor, Al-Baqir Ahmed Ali, the engineer, Abdul Rahman Mansour, Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources, and Adel Hassan Muhammad Al-Hussein, Minister of Communications and Digital Transformation.

He was received by Muhammad al-Badawi Abd al-Majid Abu Qarun, the appointed governor of the Nile River and members of the security committee in the state. Al-Burhan inspected Al-Tuwaina Hospital, and directed that the hospital be operated urgently and supported by an ambulance, announcing the support of the hospital with medical staff and doctors. While the governor pledged to provide housing for doctors and medical staff for the hospital

In addition, Al-Burhan announced, during the meeting he held with the leaders of Manaseer, the local option, and the Council of those affected, he announced his special sponsorship of the local option file, and directed the governors of the Nile and Northern states to establish the Umm Sarh-Marawi road, stressing that the issue of electricity for the local option areas is a fundamental issue and a real injustice.

Al-Burhan said, according to the shout, “They will not rest until a citizen and a person enjoy the local option with electricity as an original right that has been long overdue.

Pointing out that he will follow up the issue of the national road with the Federal Ministry of Finance regarding the letter of guarantee.

And Al-Burhan announced his adoption of the rights file and the entitlements of those affected and coordination with the Council of those affected regarding the formation of the Supreme Committee and the Political Committee.

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