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With the convergence of every inclusive meeting between the parties to the framework, the areas of (Al-Asham) expand for the Sudanese by forming a civil government that contributes to resuming the wheel of transition in order to find solutions to the economic crises that have exposed their fangs during the recent months, and not so long ago as the increases that were imposed in early March.

The step of forming the executive body remained the subject of permanent controversy, and after there was a consensus on its composition according to national agreement, this hypothesis began to worsen with the bad conditions and the expansion of the problems facing Khartoum, as the hypothesis began that the military component exceeded the civilian forces and formed a government to carry out incoming tasks if the parties did not reach understandings leading to Achieving a minimum level of compatibility at least.

And Freedom and Change announced, according to attention, the formation of the government in mid-March, and then followed it with other statements after Wednesday’s meeting with a new date before Ramadan, and the person who realistically sees the course of the political process finds it difficult, if not impossible, to announce a prime minister at this time, especially since there are commitments that have not been completed in their final form. After, which are the two workshops on transitional justice and security arrangements, the first ended on Thursday, while the second is expected to take place tomorrow, Sunday.

Journalist and political analyst Mohamed Abdel Qader believes that the possibility of forming a caretaker government remains in light of the challenges facing the country and the deterioration in the economy, services and security. The decision is that the stumbling of the political process has led to a chaotic reality that has many risks to the lives and pension of citizens and the national security of the country. Therefore, we note that the issue of forming the government has now escalated to the risks of discussion and has become part of the ongoing dialogue between the parties to the framework agreement. This dialogue is necessarily rejected by the forces of freedom and change that seek monopoly. Authority through the framework that was designed to give it the right to form the government and control the joints of decision-making.

And Muhammad Abdel Qader continues in his commentary and says that the tendency to form a caretaker government collides with the desire of the party in charge of the country’s affairs to cross the current stage by forming a caretaker government, especially after the faltering of the political process and the slowness inherent in the development of the framework. My source added: The logic of things and readings of reality make it impossible to continue This governmental vacuum is due to the continuous and continuous deterioration of the country’s conditions and the conditions of citizens.

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