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Khartoum State revealed the completion of all arrangements for the convening of the Khartoum State Development Conference on Monday to come out with an agreed-upon scientific vision for the development of infrastructure, services and people’s livelihood, and to set a road map to achieve the slogan of the Khartoum renaissance.

The Supreme Committee for the preparation of the conference discussed during a meeting today, Saturday, chaired by the Secretary-General of the Khartoum state government, Abdul Moneim Muhammad al-Mahi, the technical and logistical arrangements for the conference.

The committee stressed, according to (SUNA), the importance of a good arrangement for managing discussion and deliberations on the issues raised in order to reach recommendations that address all issues of the citizens of Khartoum state in terms of development and services.

It is noteworthy that the conference is held under the slogan: “Together for the renaissance of the capital”, under the supervision of the designated Wali of Khartoum, Ahmed Othman Hamza, with the participation of the Transitional Sovereignty Council, the federal government, state governments, representatives of legal and justice bodies, statutory agencies, and universities, on the twentieth and twenty-first of March. .

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