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The head of the SPLM-North, Abdul Aziz Al-Hilu, said that the framework agreement avoided discussing the roots of the Sudanese crisis and its journey to the future, and yet it could open the door to a radical solution.

Al-Hilu said, in an interview conducted by journalist Shawqi Abdel Aziz in Juba, that the framework agreement “avoided discussing the basic issues and the roots of the Sudanese crisis and relegated them to the future, as always happens.”

He pointed out that these issues are represented in the relationship of religion with the state, the relationship of the army with other military components, the issue of identity and addressing distortions in the economy.

He stated that the ongoing political process will not lead to a radical solution to the crisis, but it is a step that could open the door towards a solution if building on the gains that can be achieved in the negotiation.

Al-Hilu expressed their willingness to negotiate with the next civilian government, as the movement is fighting for a just cause and there is no objection to resolving it through negotiation without the need for war.

He reduced the dispute between Freedom and Change and Freedom and Change – the Democratic Bloc, and said that it was about secondary issues far from the issues that could move Sudan from the field of war and instability to a new Sudan.

Al-Hilu defended signing a political declaration with the Democratic Bloc, and said that it agreed with the SPLM on the principles that lead to ending the problem.

And he added, according to the shout: “Many view the Democratic Bloc as having supported the coup and supported it and is now working with its government, but everyone knows that the movement stood against the coup, so what is the problem if we signed a political declaration with the Democratic Bloc? This is a focus on the scales of issues.”

Khartoum (Kush News)


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