A journalist’s secretariat.. found (6) billion pounds and returned it to its owner – Kush News

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Journalist Mohamed Abdel Latif of Al-Siha newspaper on Saturday returned the sum of 6 billion pounds that he found in the Samarab region to its owner in a rare situation… citing honesty and high morals as an example.

Abdul Latif told (Al-Shiha) that he was returning from the bakery in the Samarab region to notice that a huge envelope fell from a person who got out of his car and was about to enter his brother’s house in the area. He added, saying: What fell to the ground from the man amounted to 6 billion pounds.
And he adds: (When they were entering his brother’s house, I called him, and asked him to return to collect what he had fallen from.

And he says ((: The man did not believe what happened and was very nervous to tell me that it was a huge sum of 6 billion pounds that was about to be lost.. in advance he thanked me..and I left him and left).

Khartoum (Kush News)


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