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The National Conference on Justice and Transitional Justice, organized by the tripartite mechanism and the Supreme National Committee for Transitional Justice, continued as part of the activities of the final phase of the political process in the Friendship Hall, which will be held from 16-20 March under the slogan “Towards Building a Sudanese Model of Justice and Transitional Justice” amid the wide participation of the forces The political community, the international community, the families of the martyrs, the representation of women and the displacement camps.

Professor Orwa Al-Sadiq, a member of the Freedom and Change Central Council, said, according to (SUNA), that the conference started its work yesterday, and speeches were presented at the opening session about the families of the martyrs, the Civil Alliance for Transitional Justice, the civil forces that signed the framework agreement, and speeches by representatives of the European Union, the International Quartet, the Troika and the tripartite mechanism.

Al-Jumaa said, “The first sessions continued, and the states’ reports on transitional justice were heard, and the recommendations were read out, and the rest of the papers continue to be presented in preparation for drawing out the final recommendations.”
Professor Al-Sadiq added that the conference is considered penultimate to discuss the five issues to be included in the final agreement, which are represented in eastern Sudan, the dismantling of empowerment, the peace agreement, justice and transitional justice, in addition to military reform.
He added that the conference will be followed by a conference on the reform of the military and security apparatus scheduled for next week, which will be held at the headquarters of one of the regular forces, amid a limited presence of the military and the pensioners of the regular forces and the forces that signed the framework agreement, announcing that the final agreement, the nomination of the prime minister and the announcement of the government will take place in a period of time not exceeding March this year. .

Khartoum (Kush News)


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