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The Sudanese Journalists Syndicate launched the first activities of the Politics and Media Forum at its home yesterday, to issue a code of ethics for political and media practice. The official page of the syndicate stated that the aim of the code is to purify the political climate to provide the appropriate conditions for an objective dialogue that contributes to enhancing the chances of completing the goals of the December revolution and democratization.

In his opening speech to the forum, according to Al-Sudani newspaper yesterday, the head of the Sudanese Journalists Syndicate, Abdel Moneim Abu Idris, revealed that the syndicate seeks to be an arena for dialogue among the Sudanese, stressing their belief that dialogue is a tool for the continuation and stability of democracy and the realization of the people’s aspirations for democracy, peace and freedom.

He said: We look forward to a constructive dialogue based on recognition of the other, because without our recognition of each other, democracy and stability will not be sustainable between us.

The forum comes, according to members of the union, to dedicate the importance of the independence of the union’s position regarding the state of political polarization in the country in terms of being one of the first unions to be elected in open defiance of the October 25 coup, and to affirm its principled position on national issues, foremost of which is the civil-democratic transformation by overthrowing the coup as the main entrance.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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