The Sudan People’s Charter undertakes to present an agreed prime minister within a week – Kush News

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The signatories of the Sudan People’s Charter affirmed their readiness to present a prime minister and a transitional government during the first week of next February.

During the celebration of the signing of the Charter in the Friendship Hall yesterday, the Chairman of the Higher Committee for the Charter, Professor Muhammad Al-Amin Ahmed Ismail, announced the agreement of the civil administrations, resistance coordination and independent entities to present a prime minister of the recognized competencies of eastern Sudan, indicating, according to Al-Sudani newspaper, that the charter includes the formation of a sovereign council of Representatives of the regions of Sudan and two members of the armed forces, one of whom heads the Sovereign Council, which is ceremonial, while the prime minister bears all the executive powers and presents a clear vision to absorb the irregular forces and allocates a platform for the crisis in eastern Sudan. Al-Amin indicated that the framework agreement is still stagnating, while the Sudanese People’s Charter is open to all without exclusion.

For his part, the deputy head of the civil administrations in Khartoum, Fadl Al-Sayed Shuaib, said that the charter presented solutions completely far from foreign interference, calling on all components to sign and participate in it.

For his part, Mubarak Al-Nour, the leader in the Higher Committee of the Charter, representative of the Eastern Sudan Coordination Committees, announced that he would not allow a limited few politicians to tamper with the country, warning of the seriousness of the situation the country is going through, and said that the Charter differs from the initiatives put forward in the arena because it presented a purely Sudanese vision to solve the Sudanese crisis.

On the other hand, Ahmed Ismail, head of the Gathering of National Organizations, affirmed support for the charter as the solution to the country’s problems and taking it to safety after years of political conflict.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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