The most prominent headlines of Sudanese political newspapers issued today, Sunday, January 29, 2023 AD – Kush News

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Issued by the electronic newspaper Kush News

Al-Sudani newspaper:
Proof to N’Djamena today
Armed Forces: The doctrine of the Sudanese army is well-established and cannot be domesticated
Distributing poko cars to the police and importing hundreds for movements that signed the peace agreement
The Sudanese Teachers Committee announces the continuation of the closure for a week
The marriage of the singer, Amna Haidar, with the dates and the karkadi, in the presence of Al-Burhan leads the Asafir
Thwarting the smuggling of a large group of “parrots”
“Intelligence” seizes “large” quantities of drugs in South Kordofan
“Khartoum Resistance” disavows the interview with the Ethiopian Prime Minister
Al-Watan Newspaper:
Revolutionary Front: The Peace Workshop will not amend the Juba Agreement
Mohammed al-Faki: It is necessary to reform the justice system and build a national army
A university professor was killed in a shooting accident
Arman: We do not have an Egyptian initiative and the final signing is within two months
Khartoum resistance repudiates the initiative to declare the December revolution
Today’s Newspaper:
The Teachers Committee extends its strike for a week, and private schools confirm the continuation of studies
The signatories of the “Sudan People’s Charter” announce agreement to present a transitional prime minister from the competencies of the east
Details of the visit of the Algerian delegation and the signing of the historic agreement to export Sudanese meat
Asim Al-Bilal Al-Tayeb writes: Oh, her dress, when it was grilled.. An Algerian woman signs an agreement with a Sudanese woman for history
Nile International Newspaper:
Ethiopia declares its support for the formation of a civilian government in Sudan
The involvement of the first batch of the People’s Army North in the armed forces
Justice and Equality refuses to participate in the peace workshop
The Minister of Interior meets the Egyptian ambassador to Sudan

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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