Freedom and Change: We did not receive an invitation to participate in the Juba-Kush News workshop

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Freedom and Change revealed that it had not received an invitation from South Sudan to hold a workshop to review the peace agreement in Juba.

She said that the Freedom and Change delegation, which visited South Sudan last week, did not receive an invitation from Juba to hold a workshop on peace.

And local media published news about the invitation of South Sudan, the armed movements that signed the peace agreement, to hold a workshop on peace in the capital, Juba.

The state of South Sudan, the sponsor of the peace agreement, is seeking to address the cracks and differences between the political parties regarding the review of the Juba Peace Agreement, as it calls on the parties to the political process to review the agreement through a workshop set for it next Tuesday, amid the refusal of forces from the Minawi and Jibril movements, which insist on not reviewing and participating in the workshop. to which it was allocated.

The leader of the Freedom and Change party, Shehab Ibrahim, stated, in a statement according to the Democratic newspaper, that their alliance did not receive an invitation for the workshop, indicating that the information circulated is that Juba invited to host a workshop on peace in Juba, of which they are not aware.

He added, “Freedom and Change has not yet received an invitation to participate or come to Juba to hold a peace workshop.”

The leader of the Freedom and Change, Shihab Ibrahim, did not rule out Juba sending invitations to the armed movements that signed the agreement, in isolation from the Freedom and Change Alliance.

However, Shihab returned, saying: “Juba informed the delegation of freedom and change, which visited it last week, about its intention to hold a workshop on peace, without clarifying the details of the invitations or the timing of its establishment.”
On the other hand, a member of the Peace Committee for Freedom and Change, Al-Tijani Al-Taher, confirmed that they did not receive an invitation to participate in a peace workshop to be held in Juba.

He stated that the workshop for reviewing the peace agreement, which was set for next Tuesday, will be held on time, indicating that it will not be postponed or canceled, and will proceed to its conclusions even if representatives from the Justice and Equality Movement led by Jibril Ibrahim and the Sudan Liberation Army led by Minni Arko Minawi did not participate in it.

The Freedom and Change Alliance sent official invitations to the Sudan Liberation Movement, led by Minni Arko Minawi, and the leader of the Justice and Equality Movement, Jibril Ibrahim, to join with others to discuss the issue of the Juba Peace Agreement.

On December 5, 2022, political forces and trade union and professional entities, including Freedom and Change, signed a framework agreement with the coup leaders, to be completed with a final agreement after agreeing on transition issues.

These issues are represented in resolving the crisis in eastern Sudan, dismantling the former regime, evaluating the peace agreement, justice and transitional justice, and reforming the security and military institutions.

The signatories to the framework agreement organized, from January 9 to 12, a workshop on renewing the road map for dismantling the defunct regime, in which about 350 people participated, 40 percent of whom were representatives of the political forces that signed the framework agreement, and the rest were working groups. One of the specialists in the fields of administration, finance, business, jurists and resistance committees.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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