The Minister of Planning appeals to the owners of vacant plots to rebuild them to protect them from encroachments – Kush News

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The Director General of the Ministry of Urban Planning, Engineer Hassan Issa, called on the owners of vacant residential plots to reconstruct them, especially those in which random encroachments were removed, and not to leave them empty so that the encroachments do not return again.

This came during his inspection, Wednesday, according to (SUNA), of the work of removing random housing in the Al-Tayseer scheme in Umbada, north of Kandahar market.

The Director General was accompanied by Engineer Abdullah Othman, Director General of Planning, Engineer Faisal Ibrahim, Director General of Survey, Major General Moash Al Waleed Mohiuddin, Director General of the Land Protection and Removal of Violations Agency, and Azhari Al Khalifa, Director of the Rural Development Department.

Engineer Hassan Issa pledged to continue campaigns to remove random encroachments, and called on citizens to beware of buying land without a search certificate, and considered that a waste of money and time unless he obtained it in accordance with legal procedures.

The Director of the Land Protection Agency, Major General Al-Walid Mohiuddin, confirmed that the device works in accordance with the laws and gives sufficient time for encroachments so that the owners can collect their belongings before removal. He said that the removal of the facilitation scheme enabled more than 500 plot owners to receive their lands and appealed to them to reconstruct them.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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