Khatmi’s leader denies Al-Mirghani’s proposal for a new initiative – Kush News

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The sheikh of the Khatmiyyah in the Nile River, Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf, denied the i’tikaf of Sayyid Muhammad Othman al-Mirghani, the guide of the Khatmiyyah – head of the Democratic Unionist Party – to announce a new political initiative, and said that the matter was (a political lie), and Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf, the imam and preacher of the Parents’ Mosque, confirmed it.

In a special statement, according to Al-Hirak Al-Siyasi newspaper, that Mr. Muhammad Othman Al-Mirghani, since his arrival in Khartoum and his return to the house of Abu Jalabiya in Bahri, has not met a politician, official, or elder to put forward an initiative or discuss the current political situation, and added: Those whom Mr. Al-Mirghani meets are his sons who They pray with him five times in his private wing, far from the rest of the family’s homes, and he said that Mr. Al-Hassan Al-Mirghani is present these days in the Sankat area to arrange and attend the yearbook of Mr. Sir Al-Khatim Al-Mirghani.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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