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A member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Kamal Karrar, revealed that the mass movement diversifies its forms of resistance, and resorts to new “tactics” aimed at attracting forces outside the framework of the political bloc, and increasing the number of participants in the protests who did not go out in demonstrations and protest processions, by adopting their demands.

Kamal Karrar said, according to Al-Sudani newspaper, that the demand protests quickly turned into political demands.

Karrar attributed the deterioration of the economic situation to the nature of the existing regime, so the demands are considered a tactic intended to expand the circle of rejection and prepare people who are ready for a major escalation towards political strike and civil disobedience, in partnership with trade unions, federations, resistance committees and revolutionary forces, to complete the cycle of overthrowing the regime. He added, “It is not a new tactic, but rather a proven tactic used by the Sudanese people in their revolutions.”

Karrar denied that the popular demands are an opponent of the political demands, and said that the protests, despite their slogans of demand, are “variations of confrontational tactics.” He strongly denied the possibility of the situation reaching the stage of a “hungry revolution” that might lead to the dismantling of the state, saying: “Sudan is immune from the disintegration of the state, Warning against him is a tactic used by the Al-Bashir regime to intimidate people from revolting against him, but the December revolution revealed his falsehood.” And he continued, “Sudan has been immunized from slipping and fragmenting with its political experience and the political and intellectual awareness drawn from its long experiences.”

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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