Imam Al-Helou comments on the understandings of the “National Nation and the People’s Movement in the North” – Kush News

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The head of the Policy Committee of the National Umma Party, Imam al-Hilu, revealed that the dialogue that took place between the National Umma Party and the Northern People’s Movement, led by al-Hilu, is a strong supporter of the ongoing political process.

Al-Helou said, according to SUNA today, Wednesday, that what was agreed upon in terms of principles between them and the SPLM-N confirms basic issues essential for the transitional period.

He pointed out that those seven principles stressed the need to adhere to sustainable democracy, federal decentralization, and reform of the security and military sector, leading to a single, professional, strong national army with a new, inclusive military doctrine that performs its duties under the constitution and defends the state, its lands, and its internal and external threats.

And he concluded, “The agreement of principles included the need to preserve historical diversity, work to enhance it, and build a national identity far from exclusion and marginalization, in addition to stressing financial decentralization, provided that the wealth of Sudan is divided fairly and according to the priorities that are agreed upon.”

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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