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The Sudanese Communist Party said that the centralization of freedom and change bears the responsibility for bringing the country into a dark, complex and disturbing political atmosphere by signing what was known as the framework agreement, at a time when the party revealed continuous work to expand and strengthen the Alliance for Radical Change for more cohesion with the masses towards achieving their just demands.

The leader of the Communist Party, Amal Al-Zein, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, said according to (the next day) Tuesday that freedom and change were granted to the October 25 coup (the kiss of life) by signing the framework agreement in terms of that the coup was stillborn, and it was unable even to be a clear coup, and she added: “ The two centers of change did not succeed in being a clear opposition or a clear coup, and the coalition, with its move, helped the putschists move forward in power, take international decisions, and act in the country alone, length and breadth.

Amal noted that if the picture is not clear with regard to the current political process, and how the country will be managed in the next stage, the political atmosphere will remain dark, complex and disturbing as well, and indicated that the framework’s signature transferred some, but not all, political forces from the category of opposition to the category of non-opposition, and considered that what she described With the current political confusion necessitating the need for a broad front for radical change, I announced that work is underway to expand the radical alliance and what I described as an urgent need to confront the fragmented reality.

Khartoum (Kush News)


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