Burmah Nasir: Al-Atari is a legitimate offspring of reconciliation between civilians and the military and the Quartet Mechanism – Kush News

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The head of the National Umma Party, Fadlallah Burmah, revealed yesterday that the recent political agreement confirmed that the solution in Sudan lies in the framework, in terms of being the legitimate child of the national reconciliation between the civil and military forces, and the legitimate child of the Quartet consisting of Saudi Arabia, the United States of America and the United Nations. And the European Union, as well as being supported from all sides, will return the military to their barracks.

The head of the National Umma Party said, according to Cairo News Channel, that the Sudanese scene is complex in all aspects of life. From the economic point of view, we find that the Sudanese people suffer from a deteriorating economy, and as for the security aspect, we find it deteriorating, especially in the various regions of Sudan. There are unprecedented tribal conflicts even in the form of Conflicts, in the past, were between the farmer and the shepherd over water. He continued: “Politically, there is a division in the political forces, and there are many non-traditional parties, and this division is not a manifestation of strength.”

Burmah said that all those who defected from the party returned to it again, with the exception of one person, warning of the division of political forces. He added, “Unpleasant things have emerged, especially hatred between some parties.”

Fadlallah Burmah stressed that the Egyptian and Sudanese peoples are closer to each other, expecting to work with the Egyptian side to solve Sudanese issues. Because what affects Sudan affects Egypt and vice versa.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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