Islamic currents threaten to transfer their protests to the “leadership”, rejecting the settlement – Kush News

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The prominent leader in the “Nadaa al-Sudan” initiative, which includes Islamic currents and political forces allied to the “dissolved” National Congress Party, Muhammad Ali al-Jazouli, vowed to transfer the protests that are organized on a weekly basis to the General Command of the Army, in rejection of the expected agreement between the military and political forces.

On Saturday, according to the shout, crowds of supporters of the initiative gathered in front of the headquarters of the United Nations Transition Support Mission “UNITAMS” in the suburb of Mansheya, east of Khartoum, chanting slogans against freedom and change, and against the head of the United Nations mission, and they carried banners calling for his expulsion from Sudan after he was accused of meddling in Sudanese affairs.

Addressing the convoy, Al-Jizouli said, “We are not a free political incubator for the military. We are with them if they preserve sovereignty, identity, and the unity of the country, for an independent transition without parties, and for free and fair elections. At the same time, we are ready to close the east and north and transfer the protests to the General Command.”

Khartoum (Kush News)


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