Shalqami: We are awaiting a response to the appeal to cancel the registration of the “Consumer Protection” – Kush News

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The head of the Sudanese Society for Consumer Protection, Nasreddin Shulgami, confirmed that the society has appealed the decision to cancel its registration with the governmental Humanitarian Aid Commission, and is awaiting a response.

The Registrar of Organizations had canceled the registration of the Sudanese Consumer Protection Association and decided to suddenly freeze its fixed and movable assets since last October 23.

The head of the Sudanese Society for Consumer Protection, Nasr al-Din Shulgami, said in a statement, according to Al-Siha newspaper, that the association’s activities have been suspended since its registration was canceled by the Humanitarian Aid Commission. Shulgami said that the association has appealed the decision and is awaiting the response of the Humanitarian Aid Commission, pointing out that the cancellation of the association’s registration “was surprising and was not justified.”

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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