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Today, the Governance and Administration Sector of the Council of Ministers, headed by the Minister of Justice, Maulana Muhammad Saeed Al-Hilu, reviewed a report on the efforts of the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking in Sudan (2021-2022) presented by the representative of the Ministry of Labor, Maulana Maha Sadiq Azraq, which indicated that the committee had developed a three-year plan for the years (2022, 2023, 2021) through which it aimed to prevent human trafficking, protect victims, and criminally prosecute human traffickers, in addition to participating at the regional and international levels.

According to SUNA, the plan included the goals and activities that will be implemented by a number of ministries, government institutions and foreign organizations in this regard. The sector listened to a report about the recent visit of the delegation of the National Mechanism for the Protection of Sudanese Abroad to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Secretary-General of the Agency for Personnel Affairs, Dr. Makin Hamid Tirab said that the visit came within the framework of providing protection and support for the Sudanese abroad and legalizing their situation in the countries of immigration, through the development of legislation, policies and controls to regulate the migration of Sudanese abroad in a way that matches the needs of the labor markets and strengthens relations with friendly and brotherly countries.

Dr. Makin confirmed that the committee’s visit included several meetings with officials and specialists, as well as meetings with a number of Sudanese communities and associations, along with Sudanese affected by the non-implementation of judicial rulings. The sector recommended the necessity of establishing labor attachés and continuing foreign visits to find out the conditions of the Sudanese abroad.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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