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On Thursday, the state of Khartoum began implementing the expansion program in discount centers, where the designated governor of Khartoum, Mr. Ahmed Othman Hamza, opened today the public outlet in the General Secretariat of the state government. And the participation of many parties to cover the state’s population, estimated at 15 million people. He added that the challenge is the stability of commodity prices and continuity in providing commodities. However, the success of the experiment lies in the subsidized commodity carts going around all fields by increasing the vehicles, especially the peripheral neighborhoods, until they have positive effects. He directed the governor to circulate this The outlets are on all localities and ministries, and he demanded that these outlets be opened to the general public.

The Secretary-General of the state government, Rabih Ahmed, said that the inauguration of the Khartoum Food Security Company Center is an important step to support workers, citizens and passers-by to provide goods at the appropriate price. A package of policies to circulate these centers from the production site and directly to the distribution outlet, and pledge to sustain the supply of goods, explaining that the General Secretariat Center serves more than 250 workers, providing vegetables, meat and other commodities.

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