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The political secretary of the Justice and Equality Movement, Suleiman Sandal, announced their categorical rejection of the lawyers document, and demanded a return to the previous constitutional document.

And he said during the program “Hadith al-Nas” broadcast by the Blue Nile channel on Wednesday, according to the newspaper Al-Youm Al-Tali: “We are not a party to the secret and public dialogue between the military component and the Freedom and Change Central Council, and therefore we are not parties to the Lawyers’ Document, and completely against it.”

Sandal attacked the Centers for Freedom and Change, and declared that he was not entitled to draft a new constitution for the country, and demanded a return to the continuation of the previous constitutional document, after some amendments were made to it so that it would be a constituent authority for drawing up a permanent constitution, and affirmed adherence to it and its continuity in terms of being a national and ruling document now.

Sandal expected that the bilateral agreement between the military and the forces of freedom and change, the Central Council, would reach a dead end because it was imported from abroad and does not reflect the Sudanese people, and is based on one situation, which is that freedom and change, the Central Council is the one that represents the revolution, and that others follow it, considering This is exclusion and an unsound approach.

He said: “Those who call for canceling the Juba Peace Agreement are warmongers, and we are the ones who came up with the idea of ​​having one army, and we included that in the Juba Agreement, which confirmed that it achieved peace and stopped the war.” He added, “Now there is no war and no violation of the ceasefire has been recorded. What is happening are only security breaches.” Accusing parties in the center, which he did not name, he said that they do not like peace and live only in war, and they want the periphery to be constantly in crisis.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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