They confirmed that it is a legalized intelligence work: experts in international affairs are calling for restricting the movements of diplomatic missions in the country

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Experts in the field of international and strategic relations have warned of the danger of the movements of diplomatic missions in the country without restriction, and stressed that it is a legal intelligence work.
The professor of international and strategic relations, Liwa Maash Muhammad Khalil Al-Saem, said that the country has become a hotbed for all the world’s intelligence, and revealed a clear breach of the Sudanese national security through the participation of ambassadors of some countries in the processions. In Sudan – politicians and soldiers – it was they who opened the country to diplomatic missions.

Al-Saim criticized the country’s political parties and said that they do not understand what politics is, and stressed that all that Sudan needs is the national will.

In the same vein, researcher and international relations researcher Walid Al-Awad pointed out that interference in Sudanese affairs is an old case linked to the political formation of Sudan through the use of the international community as a political tool for pressure. The main mission made it clear that all past Sudanese experiences bet on the international community, but now it is necessary to bet on the interior and the capabilities of Sudan.

Ambassador Ali Youssef described the state of diplomatic openness now in the country as unprecedented and unusual and stressed that some diplomatic missions of countries and organizations go beyond diplomatic norms, indicating that Sudan after the revolution is living in political turmoil, and the country is on the brink of an abyss, and the situation is dangerous in light of the catastrophic failure to lead the transitional period To its ends, he said that the work of diplomatic missions in Sudan now involves a great deal of interference, and there are Sudanese parties that have foreign parties that put pressure on them.”

Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Professor Salah El-Din Abdel Rahman Al-Duma, considered the dependence on the outside a weakness, but he returned and confirmed that the situation of Sudan now requires seeking assistance from abroad, and attributed the Douma to the failure of the UNTAMS mission to carry out its tasks due to the absence of a government, consensus or a constitutional document.
He said, “The Sudanese people and the media should put pressure on all those responsible for ruling Sudan now and hold them accountable.” He added: “Al-Burhan lost his legitimacy at home and went looking for it abroad, and he has no right to talk about sovereignty.”

And he indicated in his speech, according to The Next Day newspaper, “The door is wide open for diplomatic missions and embassies, some of which are committed and transgressive, and whose transgressions are silent.

In a separate context, Al-Saim launched a scathing attack on the armed movements, saying, “They lack vision, and the people of Darfur do not care about anything.” He added, “They hijacked the scene, as John Garang did at the Asmara Conference.” He accused them of spreading hate speech in a very bad way and demanded a review of the Juba Peace Agreement And he cut the unreasonableness of the Ministry of Finance handing over a person who was part of an armed movement.”

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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