Ghandour talks about the return of the National Congress to rule – Kush News

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The president-designate of the dissolved National Congress, Ibrahim Ghandour, confirmed that the party will not return to rule Sudan with its current leaders.

Addressing the campaign calling for the release of the detained leader, Nafie Ali Nafeh, according to Al-Sihah newspaper, he said: “There are other generations who will carry the message if God passes us by.”

Ghandour warned of foreign interference in Sudan, which he said had reached its extent.

On the one hand, Muhammad al-Sheikh Madani, head of the Supreme Committee for the release of Nafie, affirmed that the broad participation represents the tolerance of the people of Sudan, whose forces of evil have failed to sow discord.

Addressing the “Freedom for the Homeland” campaign, he added that Nafeh’s detention without legal justification is unacceptable.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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