For emergency maintenance, a partial shutdown of the Al-Shajara water station in Khartoum

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The Khartoum State Water Authority announced a partial shutdown at the Al-Shajara water station for emergency maintenance in the main tank of the station.

The Director-General of the authority, an engineer consultant, Mohamed Ali Al-Ajab, said in a press circular today, according to the newspaper, The Next Day, that the central maintenance team is currently working on the maintenance process, pointing to the impact of the areas “Al Shagara, Al Azzab, Yathrib, Al Dabasin, Al Rai Al Masry and Al Hamadab.”

The director expected that the water supply will return to the affected areas in the coming hours, an apology to the citizens in the affected areas as a result of the inconveniences that happen to them.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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