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Zadna International Company for Trade and Investment said that it has nothing to do with some of the companies bearing the name of Zadna Company and works in areas unrelated to the company’s main activities.

The company added in a press circular, according to Al-Sudani newspaper: “Zadna calls upon all dealers, citizens and success partners who have received false news about car ownership in installments or debts owed by the company to citizens and institutions due to service business arrears, that the company has absolutely nothing to do with all of the above.

The promoters of this false information also demand accuracy and direct communication with the company’s dealer center located in its headquarters in Khartoum, the communications tower, or direct communication with the institution’s traditional and electronic platforms, or visiting and communicating with the company’s headquarters and branches spread throughout the country to find out the information from its source.

Zadna International Company for Trade and Investment explained that it is currently working on expanding its future projects and entering into huge investment partnerships, which are expected to positively affect the productive and export sectors in Sudan.

The company indicated that since the appointment of Dr. Taha Hussein Youssef as the new director of Zadna Company. The company’s departments, branches and employees have been busy implementing the comprehensive development and expansion plan, which will include new production and investment sectors that were not within the company’s scope of work in the past in order to maximize interest and achieve the highest profit rates that will be directly reflected on the country’s entire economy.


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