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Professor Yassin Omar cut off the participation of any Sudanese citizen in writing a constitution and said yesterday in a symposium organized by the Sudanese Lawyers Organization in the Martyr Kasha Hall (I was a participant in the technical committee to prepare the 1998 constitution headed by Maulana Dafa Allah Al-Ridi, and he continued, we handed them the draft constitution, and on the second day a new constitution came out and I told the newspapers at that time That we did not write the constitution of succession).

Omar added, according to Al-Jarida newspaper: “From 1953 to 2005, not one of the Sudanese people participated in writing a constitution, as the Governor-General drafted the 1953 Constitution, the 1956 Constitution was drawn up by the House of Representatives, and 1973 was drawn up by President Jaafar Nimeiri.

And he returned to say: “No citizen participated in writing the constitution, and we participated in the drafting from a legal point of view. All these constitutions should have been submitted to a popular referendum. Even in the era of the last democracy, the chief justice was like him and any pharmacy worker.”

He stressed the need to provide constitutional guarantees that help the Chief Justice to perform his duties.

He pointed out that the appointment, transfer and dismissal of judges is in the hands of the authorities, and considered that the transfer of judges is indirect disciplinary powers exercised over judges, in addition to the fact that the financial return of judges must be remunerative to ensure the judge’s enjoyment of independence, and he added, “We need a legal system that makes those who exercise judicial powers not afraid, and we have become We miss the brave judge, and the judge needs a law that protects him from being abused in order to make a sound decision.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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