The Minister of Health meets the surgical medical team of the Qatar Red Crescent

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The Federal Minister of Health in charge, Dr. Haitham Mohamed Ibrahim, met yesterday in his office and in the presence of the Director of International Health and Bilateral Relations, the delegation of the Qatar Red Crescent Society, led by Dr. Abdullah Al-Naimi, consultant urologist at Hamad Medical Corporation and head of the visiting medical delegation to Sudan, Dr. Jawhara Al-Qahtani, specialist in general surgery at Hamad Medical Corporation, Dr. Suhail Ahmed, consultant anesthetist at Hamad Medical Corporation, d. Ezzedine Jaafar Salem, official of medical convoys in the Qatari Red Crescent. Headquarters Doha, a. Alaa Al-Din Al-Badri, Director of the Qatar Red Crescent Office, Sudan, a. Mohamed Thabet, Program Manager, Qatar Red Crescent Office, Sudan.

According to SUNA, the minister stressed the continuation of cooperation between the two countries and the building of an institutional partnership to support and strengthen the health system in the country and benefit from the Sudanese immigrant cadres in the State of Qatar in participating in providing services in Sudan through a joint bilateral protocol with the State of Qatar, pledging to provide all assistance to the association and facilitate procedures for convoys. And surgical camps, which contribute to training and improving service, in addition to helping patients in different states, expressing his thanks to the medical team for their great role in conducting specialized surgeries at Nyala Hospital in South Darfur.

He praised the support that the State of Qatar has been providing to help the Sudanese people, and he also saluted the Qatar Red Crescent for its efforts in providing assistance in various fields. Organized by the Qatar Red Crescent, in coordination with the Ministry of Health in the state.

The eight-day convoy aimed to perform 150 free general and urological surgeries at Nyala Hospital, in which qualified local medical cadres participated, in addition to a medical team from Hamad Medical Corporation.

Al Nuaimi said that the convoy comes as part of an integrated project of medical convoys supervised by the Qatar Red Crescent Society. The current convoy aims to provide advanced medical care to patients through specialized doctors. It also aims to exchange experiences at the local and international levels, which is an opportunity for trained doctors to benefit from the experience of participating doctors.

For his part, Alaa El-Din Al-Badri, head of the Qatar Red Crescent office in Sudan, said that the Qatari Red Crescent will continue to provide support through various projects, and that its activities are not limited to the field of relief, but include several projects in the field of development, health and water, and that this convoy is one of the important projects in the field of projects. health.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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