Social development appreciates the role of the International Charitable Organization in Sudan

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The Director-General of the Ministry of Social Development in Khartoum State, Siddiq Hassan Freeni, praised the efforts of the International Charitable Organization in Sudan in serving widows and orphans, alleviating poverty among the weak and needy, and providing relief to the afflicted.

This came when he met with the Executive Office of the International Charitable Organization (Sudan Office), headed by Dr. Mansour Shoaib Ibrahim. During the meeting, Freni learned about the most prominent achievements of the Authority and the projects it implemented during the first half of this year in the field of sponsoring orphans and supporting those affected by torrential rains and floods, in addition to the features of the remaining plan of the year.

According to (SUNA), Freeni called on the authority to give orphans, widows and groups of persons with disabilities a priority in support, sponsorship and training, in line with the ministry’s overall policy in supporting families and vulnerable groups.

For his part, Dr. Mansour Shoaib explained that the authority is looking forward to strengthening cooperation with the ministry in all humanitarian and service fields to serve the weak and needy segments and achieve the ministry’s strategic message by shifting from care to development and finding sources of permanent livelihood for every poor citizen in the state.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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