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Workers at the land port in Khartoum chanted slogans against the rotation system inaugurated by the National Chamber of Traveling Buses yesterday.

The representative of the Bus, Truck, and Pickup Drivers Association, Al-Sir Hassan Abu Roof, said that the rotation system negatively affects the workers’ income because it reduces the chances of daily income and harms bus owners and workers alike. Travel bus owners.

Al-Sir pointed out, according to Al-Jarida newspaper, to escalate steps if the rotation system is applied, and demanded the convening of a general assembly for all owners of the travel buses to form the executive office of the National Chamber of Administration and the Chamber of Transport in the states.

Yesterday, Thursday, the National Chamber of Travel Buses inaugurated the rotation program for the travel buses, in the presence of the Director General of the Police Forces, the Minister of Transport, the General Administration of Traffic, the Traffic Director of Khartoum State, the President of the Employers Union, the Secretary General of the Sudanese Chambers of Transport Federation, the Secretary General of the Tax Office, the owners of the travel bus companies, the Director General of the land port and the Director of the Market Police Khartoum local.

The head of the National Chamber of Traveling Buses, Ahmed Al-Tarifi, said that the (revolving) system aims to provide more than 200 million dollars to the public treasury of the state as a result of reducing fuel consumption for the bus sector, as well as resolving the chaos in the sector and the safety of passengers and achieving safety.

He cautioned against starting to compel operating companies to legalize and regulate their employment.

He asserted that a number of agreements had been signed with the General Administration of Rapid Traffic to regulate the sector, along with the Tax Office, which in turn agreed to a relative reduction in the tax on the bus sector, and another agreement with port workers to ensure the safety of passengers and prevent theft and infringement.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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