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The Dean of Police Abdel Jalil Abdel Rahim Abdel Rahman, the official spokesman for the National Council for Civil Defense, explained during the council’s daily report that efforts are continuing to follow up the levels of the Nile, pointing to the importance of raising bridges in fragile areas and draining water, noting that monitoring continues through the Nile anchor points.

According to (SUNA), Abdul Jalil explained that 146 people died and 122 were injured in various parts of the country as a result of rain, torrential rains and floods in the country, indicating that these statistics are cumulative statistics from the beginning of the autumn season until today, Friday, September 23.

According to the council’s report, 55,103 houses completely collapsed, 74,686 partially collapsed, 367 facilities and 298 stores and warehouses were damaged. The council indicated that the highest death rate was 30 in North Kordofan, and the highest percentage of injuries was 50 in South Kordofan. It added in its report that the highest percentage of total houses collapsed was 10354 in White Nile State, the highest percentage of partial houses in the island was 10142, the highest percentage of northern facilities was 90, and the highest percentage of stores and stores was 153 in West Darfur.

The council revealed that the affected facilities in the states are: educational sector 254, health sector 25, service sector 28, mosques 51 and others 9. The Dean of Police Abdul Jalil Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman, the official spokesman for the National Council for Civil Defense, said that the causes of deaths 55 of them were house collapses, 84 drowning, 6 electrocution. Electric and stings (hands) one.

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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