Change: Communist positions are consistent with the enemies of civil transformation

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The Forces of Freedom and Change described the Central Council, the Communist Party’s refusal to meet with it at the invitation of Sheikh Kaddabas, describing it as misleading allegations of public opinion.

A member of the Executive Office of the Forces of Freedom and Change, Sharif Muhammad Othman, said, according to (Sudamedia) Friday that the Communist Party was involved with all the revolutionary forces in making the constitutional document in the year 2019, and participated in the selection of all institutions of the transitional period, and participated through representatives of the party in the structures of the transitional authority. He added that none of the Communist Party members withdrew from their positions even after the communist decided to leave freedom and change and raised the slogan of overthrowing the transitional government, for example, the governor of Gezira state who left office with the October 25 coup, and Sharif said that the Communist Party since its announcement to overthrow the transitional government has remained its positions Politics are fully consistent with all the enemies of civil democratic transformation, as they are permanently consistent with the elements of the former regime by order of the people.

He continued, “The communist shadow permanently provides the political cover for the coup elements by using the party’s political rhetoric in the face of the forces of civil and democratic transformation.”

Khartoum (Kush News)


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