The main headlines of Sudanese political newspapers issued today, Thursday, September 22, 2022 AD – Kush News

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It is published by the Kush News electronic newspaper

Today’s Newspaper:

– The bells of the earth’s faggots .. Asim Al-Bilal Al-Tayyib with the expert Abdel-Baqi .. Soudana Al-Kankar Lemon Al-Anrique

Free Sudanese Lawyers The proposed constitution document does not clarify the identity of the state

The Fatwa Court for the Killing of Protesters continues to hear the accusation documents

Sudan loses 6 thousand barrels of oil per day

The United Nations: Concerns about Sudan’s ability to meet its wheat needs

Appointing 5,000 male and female teachers

Sudanese newspaper:

– Gedaref traders enter a comprehensive strike yesterday .. and the closure of public markets and the crop exchange in protest against the new taxes

Interior Minister: Sahel al-Batana is a security threat

British Ambassador (Giles Lever) writes: Sudan on the International Day of Peace

– 400 professors and professors waving to leave the University of Khartoum

Head of the Chamber of Dairy Producers: We do not have the authority to set prices for the consumer

Education: equipping (282) middle schools in Khartoum

Khartoum government: a campaign to combat mosquitoes and flies

After electricity, low wages protests moved to the Ministry of Commerce

The Ugandan Express complains of “Hazem” and “a time bomb” delays regarding the second part of the introductions to Mars aliens

Nile International newspaper:

– A European delegation in Khartoum to discuss “transition efforts towards democracy”

Referring 8 of the accused in the case of the intelligence sergeant’s murder to trial

Gedaref traders strike and complete closure of all shops in the public market

The Fatwa Court for the Killing of Protesters continues to hear the accusation documents

Al Rai celebrates the holiday of the new salary structure

Khartoum: (Kush News)


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