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Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi affirmed Egypt’s belief in the importance of the strategic role of the media in supporting countries’ efforts to achieve stability and development, by addressing national issues and deepening public awareness among peoples.

During his meeting with the Arab Ministers of Information, headed by Dr. Graham Abdel Qader, Minister of Culture and Information, and Chairman of the current session No. 51 of the Ministerial Council of Arab Information Ministers, according to (SUNA), he referred to the unity of the common concerns and challenges facing the Arab world, which requires the Arab media to speak in one language that helps to confront those Challenges, and that various issues are raised in a deep and objective manner and supported by facts in order to build a realistic and correct collective mind and Arab conscience.

Al-Sisi stressed that the word from the media is a great trust and responsibility before the people.
With regard to combating extremist ideology, hate speech and incitement against various Arab peoples, Sisi stressed that demolition has not and will not be a civilized message, and that religious values ​​are not built on the ruins of destruction and destruction, indicating that the message of religion is construction, reconstruction, peace and development, indicating that this does not It can only be achieved by providing security and political and moral stability for the people, within the framework of a safe civilized field.

from their side; The ministers, participating in the 52nd ordinary session of the Council of Arab Media Ministers, currently being held in Cairo, expressed their honor to meet the President, praising the tangible achievements that Egypt is witnessing under the leadership of his sovereignty at all levels, politically, developmentally, economically and socially, which provides a model for the Arab nation. In progress, prosperity and the future vision to achieve sustainable development, in addition to the appreciated role of Egypt as a center of gravity to maintain the security and stability of the entire Arab world.

The meeting also witnessed an open dialogue with the President, which included the most important topics raised at the meeting of the Council of Arab Information Ministers, especially with regard to media awareness for future generations, as well as the vital role of the media in supporting Arab national security and strengthening institution-building, as well as consolidating brotherly bonds among the Arab world.

The attendees expressed their appreciation for the depth of the proposal presented by the President and the wisdom of his sovereignty in realizing the requirements of nation-building, stressing that facing challenges in all their forms does not fall on the shoulders of governments alone, but also the media institutions participate in it. They must adhere to disciplined and serious standards, express sound priorities, and raise awareness Peoples and societies with different dimensions of challenges and how to face them, and to confront lies and rumors.

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